Switzerland’s sweet-heart, Lucerne

To travelers, Lucerne conjures many sights and feelings. Tranquil, pristine, and nestled at the foot of Mount Pelatus, Lucerne has long been the tourism capital of Switzerland. With the old wooden bridges with centuries-old paintings, a church with a white-faced clock and gold hands, the old town with narrow lanes housing some secret old apothecary…

The harmony of Colmar

The trip to Strasbourg was a relief. While Paris was blanketed in gray smoke, Strasbourg came out as a surprise with occasional fluffy, white clouds, patches of clear, blue sky, and sunbursts interspersed with rainbows. It was precisely this which made me extend my stay in Strasbourg. The feeling of sitting leisurely, outside the splendid…

Freiburg: Germany’s huge eco-gem

Sitting at the foot of the Black forests wooded slopes, Freiburg is a sunny, cheerful town, adorned with cobblestone paths, and café rimmed plazas. The whiff of medieval charm, cheerful city under the shadows of Black forests, and delicious food could be a reason enough to pencil in some time to feel the warmth of Freiburg.

Bruges: A fairy-tale sojourn

Romantic cobblestoned streets, dreamy canals, crooked bridges, comfy sidewalk cafes, houses looking like made of gingerbread, charming market square, and an eclectic mélange of art, culture, and history, sure no city can get more lovey-dovey than this. Bruges has for long been pulling visitors with its medieval world charm. And all one needs is a leisurely stroll to enjoy this Belgian city. Bruges is so small, and packed with heritage, that there is absolutely no need to rush or get stressed to see everything. Bruges feels a museum, seamlessly alluring one with its splendid church spires, and the old fairy-tale, regal French touch.

Heidelberg: Town that inspires artists

Ever wondered that artists, authors, composers, and painters would come, see, and get inspired by a ruined castle by the river. And this would set German art and literature to take new wings. This is an inspiring tale of Heidelberg. Heidelberg is a quintessential German town nestled in the Black forest, with half-timbered, and Baroque…

Going cuckoo for a magical charm of Ghent

Ghent might be less renowned than its classy neighbor Bruges, but it is still bags full of history and culture. Across the canals, are Ghent’s narrow lanes, that take to fascinating squares with splendid churches, magnificent castles, and comfortable cafes and bars. In the Middle Ages, Ghent grew both in reputation and riches on cloth and wool and was the second-biggest town in Europe, after Paris. Today the medieval heritage still lives, on an old merchants’ street that runs along the bank of the Leie River, while the city keeps reinventing itself and accommodate the contemporary culture.