My first impressions of Israel

There would only be a handful of places that can evoke as many emotions as Israel does. Its breathtaking landscapes, cultural history as old as tales can go, the eerie stillness of the deserted landscapes and the far north, the ancient streets of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and the cultural kaleidoscope that the cities are, and…

My first impressions from Bethlehem and West Bank Wall

Bethlehem is more than a religious duty or a romantic view of a church. It has life, and stories that speak even from its walls. Looking back I wonder, the million-plus tourists and pilgrims who come every year to Bethlehem, what thoughts do they take back? What thoughts do you have about Bethlehem? Being up and close to the Israel-Palestinian conflict Bethlehem evoked many thoughts in me. In this blog I bring my first impressions of Bethlehem and the West Bank Wall.