Freiburg: Germany’s huge eco-gem

Freiburg was a completely uncharted travel. It was after arriving in Europe that I learned of an old friend who had settled in Freiburg. And that prompted me to take a detour to Freiburg. Sitting at the foot of the Black forests wooded slopes, Freiburg is a sunny, cheerful town, adorned with cobblestone paths, and café rimmed plazas. The whiff of medieval charm, cheerful city under the shadows of Black forests, and delicious food could be a reason enough to pencil in some time to feel the warmth of Freiburg.

At the bus stop, Claudia waited for me with open arms. A cheerful, warm hug, accompanied by a hospitable ‘Welcome to my city’. A never-ending smile stretched on her face. Claudia had recently shifted from Strasbourg to Freiburg, which basically means shifting from France to Germany, though Germans still count Strasbourg as their own (a long story taking you back to the Nazi era).

Freiburg was a completely uncharted travel.

“I recently shifted to Freiburg, this place has more business prospects,” She told as she took me in a half hug. And that intrigued me, Claudia is an eco-designer, and more business for her, clearly means some fruitful discussion. But then these are discussions best left for the evening coffee.

It was rather a time to grab a coffee and then set off for an enchanting journey to the old town.

Completed in 1330, the Freiberg Cathedral, is a tell-tale of art and sculpture.
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Heidelberg: Town that inspires artists

Ever wondered that artists, authors, composers, and painters would come, see, and get inspired by a ruined castle by the river. And this would set German art and literature to take new wings. This is an inspiring tale of Heidelberg. Heidelberg is a quintessential German town nestled in the Black forest, with half-timbered, and Baroque houses lined on cobblestone streets, an old red sandstone bridge on River Neckar which passes through it, and a ruined castle overlooking the town as some angelic guardian.

Heidelberg city from the castle that looks down as some angelic guardian
Heidelberg city from the castle that looks down as some angelic guardian

I’ll accept, I am partial to good views. And so my first stop was the castle that overlooks the town. And one look of Heidelberg from the top, explains how the town has inspired and is inspiring so many artists. Germany’s beloved writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was charmed with Heidelberg and wrote the town had “something ideal” about it. William Turner, the influential British landscape artist, stayed here and explored his artistic interests, and created some of his masterpieces in Heidelberg. The Huckleberry Finn creator Mark Twain was especially fond of the town and stayed here for several months, and even called Heidelberg, “the last possibility of the beautiful”. Twain began his European travels with a three-month stay in Heidelberg and recounted his observations of the town in A Tramp Abroad (1880). Given Heidelberg’s literary and artistic lineage, along with its contemporary scene, UNESCO named it UNESCO City of Literature in 2014.

No doubt Heidelberg is overrun by new-age travelers, and the town sees a traveler footfall of 11.8 million visitors every year.

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