A painted doorway to the past

With every new step, I could find myself getting closer to the rich past of this town. The symbols are faded yet loud, the stories are forgotten yet live in every colour on the wall waiting to be read and when everything seems to have moved, one look at these marvels, takes you back ages. This is Nawalgarh, in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan; a jeweled past of Indian trade history and here are magnificent havelis built by Marwari traders, who hailed from this area, and the frescos on these havelis are a storyteller, waiting to be discovered.

Podar haveli_nawalgarh

Nawalgarh is a small dot in the map of Rajasthan, but like many other places an indelible one. This was once a cradle of India’s richest families who built grand havelis and celebrated them with frescos of jaw dropping ideas and details. These rich families have now dispersed across India, but their marvels stand. Nawalgarh breathes in its traditions and rich past. Pass through any alley in the city and you will come across a haveli to mesmerize you. Many of the havelis, today stand in a forlorn state for maintaining them is too expensive an exercise.

fresco_nawalgarh (2)

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