Sandsational Zanzibar

A ramshackle fishing village, now sidelined by an ever increasing number of hotels, bars, guesthouses and bikini clad backpackers; drawn by pristine white sand beaches, turquoise sea, sparkling sunshine and an ever-lasting sense of liberation; Nungwi village is among the biggest draws in Zanzibar. By day, the sunbathing tourist slumber, indulge in lemongrass massage or join the locals for some reef fishing when the tides are low or passively cycle through the old fishing village to soak in some rustic freshness of this beach village, perhaps the largest in Zanzibar Island. And as sun sets, this sleepy village buzzes with party spirit. Beach bonfires, music and cocktails blaze the village till dawn. Aging couples, honeymooners, gap year students, cool dude and backpackers from across the globe are drawn to this beautiful beach village.


An hour long drive (costing upto USD 30) brings you from stone town to Nungwi village. Check in one of the numerous hotels (of all sizes and prices) and set off for an exotic holiday romancing with cool sea breeze and sparkling white sand beach. Continue reading

Stone Town Zanzibar: A road to follow

Stone town, or the old town as locals call it, with all its clichés and a heady mixture of old and modern, gets you the required good start in Zanzibar. It gives you a heritage city look, as you look out over the rusted roofs atop crumbling white buildings, with their wooden shutters and intricately carved wooden doors and windows speaking loud of the Swahili architecture. And then there are endless culinary options to indulge in or small round tables overlooking the calm, turquoise sea for a spicy, Swahili coffee.

Prison Island

Zanzibar is a popular tourist destination with some cool heritage hotels to immerse oneself in the luxury of history. Even the hotels (from the budget to the luxury ones) wear heritage look.  I chose the Tembo Hotel; and soon after checking in I set off for an old city tour to explore the century old buildings.
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